We aim to raise thoughtful, confident, kind people through curiosity and education.

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this is us

I love the wonder kids experience as they learn new things! They’re so curious, observant, and excited to learn.

About Kara

  • I want my kids to know I love them, I like them, and I’m proud of them.
  • I’m grounded and compassionate. I’m the default parent for chill activities: snuggles, jokes, books, and songs.
  • I’m Osage Native American on my mom’s side. I care deeply about human rights and the environment.
  • I grew up in a vibrant, multicultural neighborhood in Virginia. Kids from different cultures all played together. This engrained equality and inclusion in my values.

I have my MBA, and work from home for a fun shoe company.

My goal is to raise confident, capable, happy kids!

About Ryan

  • I’m always down to play a game, ride a bike, or tell a story. My dad was a storyteller and I’ve inherited that, silly voices and all.
  • I’m still a kid, always looking for an excuse to play, but I also manage to sneak in science experiments and life lessons.
  • I’m excited to teach my kids anything they’re interested in, or learn a new skill alongside them.

I work from home as a packaging engineer and I have engineered my work-life balance to prioritize family.

get to know us

• Together six years, married for four, we met in Ryan’s home state of CA. We moved to NC to be closer to Kara’s family.
• We live in the suburbs of the Triangle with our biological son and two senior dogs.
• We value education, kindness, humor, authenticity, and relationships.

We love to play games and invent new ones too!

We do something fun every weekend: kids’ birthday parties, community events, or just hanging with family friends.